2009 commercial showreel

A compilation of various commercial work I’ve been doing recently(ish).

Projects on the reel include the title sequence for BBC2 show ‘Genius’, ‘My Territory’ music video and a number of videos for CBBC and Blue Peter

7 Responses to “2009 commercial showreel”

  1. Jack says:

    What video has the attack turtle.. can’t find it by itself..

  2. cyriak says:

    the flying laser tortoises were from my commercial shoowreel, that was a commission for the Childrens BBC website, I’ve no idea where they put it on their own website I’m afraid…

  3. Cyrille says:

    you are really a genius. i sometimes need to come by and see if you have new animations.
    Good musician and really funny animator !!! congratulations !

  4. Bulletsponge says:

    Cyriak, you are a professional nutter.

  5. C'thulhu says:

    Jeeze, man. And they call ME the lord of madness!

  6. MoonHitler says:

    I remember first seeing the intro to Genius, and thinking ‘This seems very Cyriakish’. Turns out it wasn’t just like your work, it was your work. Brilliant stuff.

  7. LuigiTime1221 says:

    Ron James was a robot this whole time?!