Cows are always getting themselves abducted by UFOs, thats just the plain truth. Some of them even look forward to it, filthy beasts that they are.

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  1. headead says:

    this is so great

  2. Jefe' says:

    Am I the only one reading too much into this? I see aliens observing cows, and ultimately abducting and $%^&ing with the reclusive, individual cows. From there those individual cows are butchered, mangled, and dismembered for no greater purpose than to ‘make music’ of their physiology. From THERE, genetic cow experimentation and breeding occurs, all subject to the same song of the cows getting %^&(ed. Some kind of malfunction occurs resulting in an out of control cow mutation. The mutation gets out of alien control and spreads to the cow cities, where it infects larger cow entities, where all the while the aliens try and stop the crazy mutation. Before being destroyed, the mutated cow manages to plug it’s self into a central hub of cow society, and the very society rises up as the next phase of mutated cow existence, to combat the aliens that have been %*)$ing with the cows all along. The aliens try increasingly desperate measures to control and stop the manifested cow uprising, and all attempts fail until the cows ultimately have to prevent the aliens from destroying the planet. Maybe I took too much acid as a teen, but this almost seems like some crazy prophecy. O_o`

  3. king of pie says:

    … jefe’… i just… i dont… wow……..o_O

  4. Trickster says:

    Dude, when you say “brain-damaged imagination”, you mean it. This is just broken beyond reason. I respect you very much for being able to make ME say that, because I’m one F’d up kid. It’s like, you want to watch it again, but at the same time you’re afraid to do so. You are a true master at this, and you are one of my idols.

  5. Max Chaplin says:

    Is this about the meat industry?

  6. Kuroneko-Sama says:

    Wow! I love these. They are amazing!

  7. Crazy Swede says:

    This is a great video!
    I just tripped on acid and this is a great way of starting your trip. trust me!

  8. fehn says:

    Verry impressive work, well done, tune fucking rocks as well

  9. NVSailor says:

    Jefe’ yes, you are reading too much into it. Plus also the mecha cow is the one who destroys the earth, by slamming it with the moon. To prevent the aliens from destroying it. Makes perfect sense to me. Also bravo, excellent video.

  10. randomdave says:

    Jefe’s comments compliments the video nicely by making this page all the more twisted and entertaining! Thanks Jefe and Cyriak!

    Perhaps some deep analyisis and cow probing from Jefe on some more of Cyriak’s would produce some good material ?


  11. Damien says:


    This is why aliens are ashamed of showing themselves.

  12. паша says:

    так то ваще нормально) молодец киряк

  13. loko666 says:

    orale!!! muy psicodelico!!! jajajaja!!! saludos desde Mexico!!

  14. A565371 says:

    All your base are belong to mmoo-us.
    I think our creativity is exactly the same, you just have initiative… you make me feel like I’ve wasted my life. Kudos.

  15. ja says:

    Оригинально… Наверное, это все в голове у автора

  16. Vainer Miner says:

    Дуже класно)))

  17. Cameron says:

    This is pure F***ed up gold. I mean, this guy would probably frustrate most phsychiatrists. btw, anyone notice the cow chillin’ on the blood cell at 1:02? lol. I LOVE CYRIAK (in an appreciative way, not gay way, kay? kay.)

  18. Alex says:

    You Make Best LSD Videos

  19. Alex says:

    Video Make On After Effects And Song Is On FL Studio

  20. Steve says:

    Wow dude, you are majorly creative and talented. This is great.

  21. hello says:


  22. jonch says:

    the combination of imagination and animation makes this amazingation

  23. Caspar says:

    Cyriak, this is so great! I showed it to some friends, really everybody loves it. Hope to see more from you soon.

  24. callum says:

    Are you jesus or any other heathenly person?

  25. Someone says:

    When I hear this song something brilliant yet completely insane is going through my head. . . I need some tv soon xD

  26. сомеоне says:

    шикарный задум, тащусь!!!

  27. Someone says:

    This would be better with nazis and barbeque sauce, honestly. I mean think about it, nazis, barbeque sauce, aliens and mutated cows. Sounds delicious to me anyways.

  28. JaY says:

    my favourite one! 🙂

  29. Junior8700 says:

    what the fuck is it? My brain is burning D:

  30. Gerar Doberi says:

    eeeeee=) Понравилось=)

  31. Toki Wartooth says:

    You are the strangest kind of artist I have ever seen, in good meaning

  32. SweetSalad says:

    Cyriak, Your video is awesome!!

  33. jeremias says:

    jajajjajajajajajaja 🙂 🙂 xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  34. Cas says:

    So, the aliens made you do it, too…

  35. キム says:


  36. Alastair says:

    What do you use? Is it just adobe products?

  37. Epitaph says:

    Alastair, i dont think Adobe ever producted acids.

  38. Robert Bertot says:

    You are a bad ass. Really.

  39. Linke Angel says:

    I love all of Cyriak’s stuff even the “wtf” things .
    Cyriak ur great, make more.

  40. Coolsey says:

    Why do you still live in Brighton?!

  41. KH says:

    wow…I think you’re so genius
    I like your video!!

  42. Gabriel says:

    By far the greatest video you’ve ever made, from my point of view. And I like to think that a human being can think of such complex and crazy things and get that down with so much talent. Still, did anyone of us noticed that flying saucers and all the other alien things are made from farming vehicles?

  43. Cristo says:

    man… you give me another reason to live!! this is sooo awsome! I <3 You!

  44. Macer says:

    That guy must love cows.

  45. Noah says:

    Please, please, make a higher-resolution version of this video available? It is a masterpiece.