El Ten Eleven “Yellow Bridges” music video

This is a music video I made for the band El Ten Eleven. It was inspired by the place where I currently live: the middle of nowhere. All there is to look at around here are trees and leaves, so I decided to try and make them more interesting.

3 Responses to “El Ten Eleven “Yellow Bridges” music video”

  1. Flabber says:

    This one is quite interesting, I love the concept to blend the Nature with mechanical systems. And as usual, it’s very well made.

    Congratulations ! 😀

  2. Jonah-B says:

    Another fantastic video from Cyriak! I’m a big fan of your art. I like the nature + mechanical idea going on here. Really well executed. I also wanted to say thank you for introducing me to this excellent band! I’ve never heard of them until now. I’m definitely gonna pick up some of their albums.

  3. adrianssen says:

    great great stuff man…and what a wonderful ingeneering 🙂