Counting Song

A video I made with illustrator Sarah Brown for Adam Buxton’s tv show “Bug”. That’s Mr Buxton singing by the way.

6 Responses to “Counting Song”

  1. Mega money bucks says:

    Greatings from autralia
    So true and yet so funny (well at least in my life)
    P.s I’m eleven

  2. Mega money bucks says:

    I meant Australia ,sorry

  3. Ausom man h25 says:

    Is it insane to find this extremely funny?

  4. Lol girl 56 says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  5. Combustible lemon says:

    I saw this and went “What the freak? Cyriak never makes anything that’s child friendly!” So I watched this and when it got to the part where he says ” It’s fun when you are for but not so much when you are 30.” I noticed that this would turn. and I was right. But man, how random are your other videos going to get?

  6. Chris says:

    I keep waiting for the part where the monkeys start growing heads out of ears out of heads out of ears then rip everything apart….