Showtime commissioned a new video, and here it is. Its a metaphor for something-or-other, but mainly I made it because I hate spiders and wanted to torture myself.

Here are some gifs you can download – click on the images to view them:

26 Responses to “Cobwebs”

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  2. ëRiC says:

    Awesome work Mr Harris!
    Also on the gifs! I hope you’re getting paid majestically for this and I’m also jealous you’re able to do this stuff! :]

  3. StrangerYann says:

    Hi dude !
    I’m a hugh fan of your work !
    I love the video, very cool, you’re exploring loops on AfterEffects ever more, I really like it.

    I found the song too similar to the one in Cows & Cows & Cows thou, it feels like it’s the same formula just with a slightly different melody, I really love the soundtrack of MOO! & Cycles & the Animation Mix, I think you can do better than that ! You always come up with catchy original & eccentric stuff, keep it up man !
    But that’s just my opinion.

    Anyways looking forward to your next stuff, peace man 🙂 !

  4. FlatClem says:

    The buiding spiders !! That’s epic. Awesome piece.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Truly fantastic Cyriak! Your animations are consistantly mind-blowing.

  6. Lee says:

    Great work as always. However, your music is a bit samey and repetitive!

  7. Flabber says:

    Awesome ! 😀 Your spiders were really scary and I’m really found of your mise en abyme ! I also really like how you always begin your videos : first relatively calmly, but then the more the video progresses, the more it becomes flabbergasting and crazy ! Nothing more to say except it’s just awesome like I said.

    Continue your stuff man ! 😀

  8. Davethefan says:

    I will never sleep with the lights off again.

    Fantastic stuff, as always – I can only dream of having your imagination, let alone your talent!

    Keep up the good work, please!

  9. Cyrille says:

    Hello from France,
    Once again, you send us in a magical and terrific world.
    I am really fan of your work, since many years. Go on! May (both sides of) the force be with you !

  10. Kuzzy says:

    If I could live in someone’s brain for
    a baker’s dozen fortnights, I’m pretty
    sure I’d crash-chill in your cranium.
    Seriously demented talent you possess.

    Keep on keepin’ on, friend. Watching
    these little windows into your creative
    genius is consistently mind-bogglingly
    brilliant! I can’t even imagine how time
    consuming that sort of work demands…

    Cheers from MN!

  11. NK(fr) says:

    Nice, I like it !
    Ow, I know some famous french blogs who talk about you, man : you have a lot of french fans !
    Me to, I’me french, I like you. I’ve always a new video to show for my friend who don’t know your awesome art. I like it. Sooo… Continue that ! I’m happy show time discovers you.

    Good by,

  12. Don't judge me, please says:

    Every time I watch your videos, I can’t do nothing but just stare. I love how your worlds seems to be… just, every living thing is actually a part of one big creature. They are so synchronized. No matter how terrifying some people think it is, I want to be part of it.
    Thank you for being so awesome

  13. fo0hzy says:

    You capture my nightmares sometimes. Love it…

  14. Lua says:

    increibles! tus videos son impresionantes, hace tiempo conocí tu trabajo, y ahora busqué de nuevo tu página para ver en qué andabas. Me encantan los que tienen gatos en ellos :3 mindblow total y la música los hace muy especiales

  15. Lua says:

    oh and.. Greetings from Paraguay

  16. garyoak says:

    Scary as hell.

  17. Burlap Bag says:

    I like spiders, actually. But these still felt a bit… creepy? Nice animation, the similar webs beginning and end… just wondering why the spiders are electronic, probably because they turn into buildings?

    The turning into buildings creeping up the center is the greatest invention!

    Thanks, thanks and thanks!

  18. Malcolm says:

    Breaks my heart to say it, but I think you need new ideas. I find it fascinating to see the new ways you figure out to embellish each new video, but each new video’s still just some creature made of other creatures at different scales. Perhaps that’s the point, I suppose.

  19. Andy K. says:

    You definitely are the M.C. Escher of animated pictures… I love the concept of self-similarity (as in romanesco vegetable, ferns, mandelbrot sets, etc.)

    Great job…

  20. Mangraa says:

    Absolutely brilliant and beautiful, as always. I swear, your mind is like a bizarre, strange-looking fruit which makes some feel strange but its taste is soooooo sweet.

    Odd metaphor, I know, but I can’t think of anything else.

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  22. Tacos916 says:

    how the f*ck can u do dis?

  23. ellie may says:

    this is exactly what happened to my windows pc and why i now have a mac.
    incredible work, always enjoy your latest creations. song was a bit like cows, but who give a f*ck? i loved cows! when i watch cows, and i often do, it is like hitting the reset button for my brain and i can face the rest of any kind of sh*tty day. it drives my Hubster crazy when we are having a discussion; once it starts to circle back on itself, i tell him…”Toodles.Time.For.Cows.” it is my therapy!
    thanks for all ya do.

  24. Tugdual says:

    This is awesome video as usual but the music also intrigues me a lot. 3 times and then 7 with a binary drum beat produces an interesting syncope. Harmony is changing and not perfectly tuned, I still need to understand that part :-). Are you also trying to produce a fractal effect in the melody? Do you plan for a 5 times music?

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