Adult Swim bumps

A collection of strangeness I made recently for american tv channel Adult Swim.

11 Responses to “Adult Swim bumps”

  1. Tony says:

    Your animation is ridiculously good. Thanks for the inspiration Cyriak!

  2. NeoSapienist says:

    Greetings from Texas! Indeed, quite superb! I stumbled upon your site randomly- but your work is truly inspired and inspiring. I watch AS occasionally… besides this being right up their alley, I can appreciate the strangeness so much more now. Thanks Cyriak!

  3. MPG1st says:

    Saw these on TV and thought your hand was somewhere in this cookie jar

  4. taylor says:

    FIRST QUSTION: HOW DO U GET A VISIO WEBSITE SECOND QUSTION:how do u think of stuff like tht 3erd qustion:r u a real dude ? 4rth qustion fdo u like chocolate brownies with choclet frosting spread on top and milions of spirinkles to top it off????? 8D

  5. Sam says:

    Anyone else noticed that for the last bump they have used Portrait of Tracy by Jaco Pastorius? Random obscure song to include in a tv ad! Awesome animation though, my favourite is the cow falling down the neverending steps

  6. Coolsey says:

    This is exactly the kind of stuff they would show on Adult Swim. 😀 And by the way, the cow one is so original. XD

  7. Joe says:

    OMG, those elephants a really creepy!

  8. caleb says:

    *throws up on rabbit*

  9. Benny says:

    And we thank you for sharing this wonderful surrealism with us. You should try to get them to show Baaa in its entirety. Cheers!

  10. In3 says:

    HI! so the other day i found a video of all these wack-ass GIF’s on youtube labeled under a video like “acid trip” or some non-sense. fell in love and had to find the source! they were all your animations. i just wanted to say You’re awesome(and so is your name LOL) and your work is fanfkntastic. im now using some of your gifs for just random reasons. ive always wanted to make some myself, i just dont have the software 🙁 oh and im an avid viewer of Adult-swim and they run these animations like every commercial break. i should’ve guessed it was YOU! im just rambling so ill stop now, just wanted to show some appreciation for your work. (dont mean to be dick-riding Lol) p.s. adult swim has some of the best shows ever IMO, so id love to see some more of your stuff on it 🙂 THX AGAIN BYE! GOODLUCK!