The zombie kitten apocalypse has arrived…

This is a collaberation with my good friend and fantastic illustrator Sarah Brown.

Like the film? Why not buy the t-shirt? Or even download the music… Or if you are hard up for pennies then here are some free zombies:

Animated zombie gifs:



meow-screen1 meow-screen2

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by robertpopper: MEOW! Cyriak roolz!…

  3. […] You can grab these animated zombie kitty gifs courtesy of Cyriak or visit the site for zombie kitten screensavers. […]

  4. Ded says:

    Very nice, so christmassy too! 😉

    Also found this through Robert Popper’s tweet. You deserve more recognition!

  5. […] Vous êtes fan ? Sachez que vous pouvez acheter la musique du clip et des T-shirt. Vous trouverez aussi quelques goodies sur le blog de Cyriak. […]

  6. NIAM says:

    Nice job ! The music is great, the design is great too and it’s nice animated.

    We talk about it on our website (french website about zombie) :


  7. Kat says:

    Found it on Weebl’s, and I gotta say, I found it both incredibly disturbing, but MUCH more enjoyable than disturbing. I really like it! Has that strange sort of morbid fascination you get when you look at roadkill, only funner.

  8. Fish says:

    Im so happy with this video I dont like cats so I whatched this and had a good cause to shoot it

  9. Kuroneko-Sama says:

    I can`t stop watching it! I put it on and the song just makes me want to dance like the cats!
    Meow Meow

  10. Fniff says:

    Dear Jesus, that idea is haunting.

    If the cats commit suicide, they turn into zombies.

    If the cats fight back, they will turn into zombies.

    And If they die, they turn into zombies.

    That is pretty horrifying.

  11. cyriak says:

    On the other hand, the zombies do seem to be having a good time…

  12. paniq says:

    That is funny. And since cats have nine lives, this is technically speaking just their second life.

    Cyriak, what animation program did you use to make this?

  13. cyriak says:

    I make all my animations with adobe after effects

  14. Chaiko says:

    Absolutely awesome, man!!! I want it on DVD!!! Brilliant.

  15. Anonymous says:

    haha apocalypse party!

  16. Mr. Noir says:

    It’s quite mean how they can’t win…
    I think they should die when shot in the head like most zombies but mabye thats just humans…

    I don’t know, great job cyriak you’ve managed to scare me some more.
    (In a good way)

  17. Obeahman says:

    Dark and disturbing yet strangely cute and fluffy. In a word ‘completelyfookinexcellent’!

  18. tiago says:

    very good work!
    great illustrations and sound sync ! congratulations to both !
    what software did you use ?

  19. Mukhametoff says:

    Ахиренный мульт!!!

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for my English 😉

    It’s a great animation,cyriak!
    I have never seen anything same.

    Русские,ахахахах xD

  22. A565371 says:

    I don’t know whether to congratulate you, or curse you. I showed my friends and for months now we can’t stop reminding ourselves of “MEOW. MEOW.” My friend now owns 5 cats, I personally can’t stop eating cat, we’ve patented the first feline language for humans, and are now working on a Fancy Feast flavored cereal. Thanks Cyriak! :/ 😀 X()

  23. Anonymous says:


  24. $asha says:

    Good site:) I the Russian girl, therefore badly speak on English language :(((

  25. Corey H says:

    Hey Cyriak This is just awesome! please email me and maybe You could help me out with some effects and animations… (If you want) Thanks!

    Anyway I like cats but this is completely awesome! I had great fun watching the zombified cats dance around 😀

  26. WeirdMidgetswithmohawk says:

    Avid watcher is wondering if this is an updated and much more cute version of Meow Mix?

  27. person says:

    Wait, why do they keep commiting suicide?

  28. Arber says:

    hahah love your work
    keep it up

  29. To Fniff says:

    the first zombie cats were dead first
    then they got mutated by spoiled nuclear stuff
    the zombies came to the city for flesh
    the victims that got bitten were zombies too

    the zombies couldnt get killed
    and the cats THAT have commit suicide they got zombies too, why?
    well i think the infected stuff was in the air

    so the moral of the story is
    dont drop nuclear stuff, its bad for the enviorment

    am i right?

  30. Savannah says:

    Why isn’t this on YouTube anymore?:(

  31. Savannah says:

    Oh, and they commit suicide because I’m guessing they’re possesed. It showed the ghost of the cats flying around the alive cats.

  32. jonch says:

    hey were did my kitty go?

  33. Katie says:

    I’m a professional baker and I’ve been looking for a good idea. I want to make a zombie kitty cake for my brother in laws GF’s birthday.. and these are amazing ideas! I hope you don’t mind that I make a cake in likeness to one of the kitties. ^.^

  34. kierad says:

    hi its me kierad.I injoyed the film. I live in the same town as cyriak and I know him. it was so funny lol!!!

  35. Someone says:

    If only this happened with pandas in hats then I could lol

  36. Someone says:

    Oh what am I saying im lolling already xD

  37. Someone says:

    Hmm, it must have been a monday for office cat 😀

  38. Someone says:

    Wait how did russians get here? Didnt they already screw up in they’re country? In soviet russia, screw you

  39. cyriak says:

    oiguan pendejos callense

  40. maliia says:

    I love it 😉

  41. 333 says:



  42. AruGard says:

    Awesome. I love the little things like the C&S billboard in the background at one certain point of time, and every little attention to detail has been fulfilled. It’s amazing.

  43. JAPAN says:


  44. i like it but it gives me chills! lolz very cool. :p

  45. Andrew says:

    It has Zombies, gratuitous violence, and kittens.

    What more could a person want?

  46. taylor says:

    im 9 and i almost puked when i saw all the puking blood and guts and stuff ………..LOV IT MEOW MEOW MEOWMEOW !!!!!!!>..<